Building real-time IoT apps is faster and easier with InstaMsg
Built exclusively for real-time IoT device connectivity and messaging
File Transfer
Persistent Connectivity
Real-time Messaging
Connected Products
Build Smart Connected products for Home, Car and Health.
Remote Monitoring
Build Real-Time solutions for your Remote Monitoring needs.

Build IoT application faster with InstaMsg.

Build IoT Applications, Faster!

Focus on what you are best at and let us take care of everything else. Build your IoT product, not the entire stack. Best part, no upfront cost!


Designed & Battle-Tested, exclusively for IoT

With 99.980% uptime over 3 years and tested with millions of devices sending billions of messages per minute, InstaMsg has withstood trial by fire.

Messages per Month
IOT Devices
Points of Presence

Build for any IoT Device

Use our Open Source libraries or contribute your own to the open source community.

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Real Time Messaging

Send and receive billions of messages from millions of devices all in real-time.

File Transfer

Transfer files to your IoT devices for easy firmware updates and script uploads.

Access control & Security

Control who can access your IoT device data and secure your connectivity with enterprise grade encryption.

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Some of the world’s biggest brands use Instamsg for their support.


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At SenseGrow, we enable our partners to build their best possible IoT Products. By providing an easy to use Platform, you can build your product faster and with zero upfront cost.Find out more→

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